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What is induction cooking, and why should I use it?

Induction cooking is one of the fastest, safest, most efficient methods of heating food. Unlike conventional ranges, induction stoves do not generate heat by themselves. Instead, they create a magnetic field which causes steel and cast iron cookware to heat up. Since heat is made directly in the pan, the cooktop stays cool to the touch. This method produces little waste heat and cooks food faster than gas or electric stoves. For these reasons and more, restaurants are buying induction cooktops in droves.

Facts about induction:

Do I need special cookware for induction cooking?

Induction cookware needs to be induction ready, or it will not heat on an induction range. Most stainless steel and cast iron cookware will work on an induction range, but always look for "induction ready" labels when buying new cookware. All of Bon Chef's Cucina and Country French line of cookware is induction ready.

Are (Cold Wave bowls, sandstone containers, waffle irons) included with the Ultimate Chef's Table?

No. We've photographed the Chef's Table with additional equipment to show how you can cook and display food with our table, but not all of it comes included. The induction cooktops, heat lamp, and sheet pans come included with every Ultimate Chef's Table. However, our Cold Wave Bowls, sandstone containers, display racks, Cucina & Country French cookware, and additional plug-in equipment (panini presses, blenders, waffle irons, toasters, and crepe warmers) are sold separately. You can purchase them by clicking the links below:

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